Mission Statement

The Mission of the GSX Registry is very simple, to document all existing Buick GSX's from 1970 through 1972, to provide information to owners and enthusiasts, and help owners if possible. The 1970-72 GSX Registry is a nonprofit organization made up of the registered owners of cars known as the Buick GSX. The purpose of this organization and registry is to encourage the preservation and identification of this group of automobiles, which were manufactured and sold between 1970 and 1972 by the Buick Motor Division of General Motors.

The GSX Registry exists to provide as much information to the owners about the original cars as possible including information on documentation, vendors, articles, diecasts and any other items that may be of interested to the GSX enthusiast. The GSX Registry promotes the preservation and understanding of the Buick GSX to all owners and the general public and continually works to expand its knowledge base of these special cars for the benefit of the hobby.

Membership is completely FREE and CONFIDENTIAL to all members who register with the GSX Registry. Membership gives owners the special privileges or receiving annual mailers that include new information gathered about the GSX, Statistic data on cars in the registry not available on the GSX registry website to the general public.

If you own an orginal Buick GS or GSX Stage-1 make sure you register with